Costa Rica Experience

olimpiadaThis family owned company was founded with the idea of sharing and creating experiences that you will love to share with your family and friends.

Roger “Madri” Madrigal, founder of Costa Rica – Experience, was an Olympic athlete at the Atlanta Games in 1996, representing Costa Rica in white water Kayak. “Madri” since 1991 has worked in tourism. His experience has allowed people that visit Costa Rica to return home with endless stories that motivate others to visit this beautiful country.

An indicator for the quality of trips run by Costa Rica Experience is your visit to this webpage.

You probably were referred by family or friends who experienced our services possibly running the rapids of the Pacuare river, walked in the rain forest looking for a blue river and its majestic waterfall, rode a bicycle across the mountains with muddy trails or enjoyed the hot springs overlooking an active volcano. Maybe they learned the names of the most beautiful birds in the world or, were surprised by the dolphins and whales that swam past their boat. They may have even learned to surf at a beach with perfect waves or even helped a small turtle to reach the sea … the stories are too many and we want to help you build your very own Costa Rica Experience.

All of our itineraries are examples. These are the most popular trips, we recommend you to use them like a starting point to create the best trip for your family or friends.